Art Toronto
October 26 – 29 , 2023
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
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Dorian Who, Founder and designer at DORIAN WHO Avant-garde Streetwear

How does visual art inspire you?

My work is all about self-expression. I love maximalism and I love bold colors. For me, clothes are not just a piece of cloth but a piece with a story behind it, made with a lot of hard work and hand-finished details. That gives the pieces a completely different vision and story. There’s a culture behind each piece that is modernized to a wearable art form. For example, my prints are inspired by Persian rugs which all have different stories based on different provinces.

Where do you go to get inspiration?

My earliest memory was all the beautiful dresses that my mom used to sew for me when I was a kid back home, in Iran. She worked with embroidery and so much handwork went into each dress and that’s how I got into fashion and getting to know the process of each artwork. Knowing the value and the love in each piece led me to start collecting art and fashion, specifically eccentric, vintage hats.

How does visual art impact your decision on album covers?

Depending on the type of inspiration I'm looking for I go to different places. Lately, my favorite thing to do is meet new Toronto artists and going to new art galleries. It gives me a fresh perspective and new inspiration.

In three words, how would you describe your selected art choices?

Bold, expressive, breaking boundaries.

What's next for Dorian Who?

The next step for Dorian Who is launching our new holiday pieces and connecting with my community to build a free and bold platform for people who are unique and want to express themselves beyond the statues quo.


Mahsa Merci, Sofia and Tirdad, 2021 (Mayten’s Projects)

Kaley Flowers, wedge drip melt slip, 2021 (the plumb)

Sarah Maloney, Skin, 2012 (The Blue Building)

Shary Boyle, Weatherwoman, 2018 (Patel Brown)

Karine Giboulo, My House; Hidden in my drawers, 2021 (Art Mûr)